At times it can be a struggle to make ends meet. This is not just true for the modern world because the majority have always struggled in some kind of way. A thousand years ago the struggle was to put food on the table, for some the struggle today is the same. A few struggle over whether to purchase the latest iphone.


There are opportunities everywhere to earn money, although a lot of schemes and ideas really are too good to be true. So what does God say. Well, Jesus intructed us to ask for "Our daily bread" because God knows what we need and how much we need and when we need it, more than we know ourselves. Yet there are times we could do with some extra daily bread, whether through an urgent need, simple desires or just through greed perhaps. For sure we have to be careful here. How for example, does it square with God, if you are a person of faith, to seek to earn extra money? Does the Bible not tell us we cannot have two masters, that we must not have money as our 'god'. It is a real danger if you become obsessive over the need to have more and more money. It is folly to love money. Yet it is not against God to have wealth or to generate a decent income but it does depend on how you go about earning that good income and of course how you use your money whether you have little or a lot of it. The Bible seems to recommend, in Proverbs 30, to have a good amount of wealth but maybe not too much. It is not much fun if you are in short supply, yet having too much can cause problems.


Jesus had little if any money but we must remember He was on Earth for purposes far greater than us mere mortals. Yet did Jesus not still indicate we would be better off if we sold everything we have and follow Him. Wow, sell everything, that is a high price indeed; who wants to be a Christian?! Fortunately, although it is in our best interests to follow Jesus, we do not have to sell everything. When Jesus said this He was talking to a specific young rich person who had lost sight of faith and replaced it with a love of money. He never suggested we all go out and try to be poor, we must keep things in context. Yet even so, there is an inherent risk to our relationship with God if our desire to become richer becomes consuming.


On the other side of the coin, we are clearly advised not to overly worry about cash because God will provide, one way or another. The two sides of this coin, desire to have it/don't worry about it, revolves around one truth. It is not secure to trust in wealth over a trust in God. And Jesus actually talks about money more than anything else because the lures and traps surrounding any quest to make a lot of money can be hazardous, He was at pains to point this out. His passion to get His thoughts across to us duly prompted Jesus ( I humbly suggest) to put "Give us our daily bread" within the Lord's Prayer itself. Trust in God as your main port of call, seek good opportunities as a secondary move. During the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus plainly says you cannot serve God and money, Jesus is instructing us to prioritise our ways, to seek God first.


There is no joy in being so poor that a need to steal or something of the like overtakes you. Conversely, wealth can bring temptations, sometimes wealth is used to oppress other people in some evasive fashion. The warnings are all laid out in the Bible. Rather than list out references here, which might be taken out of context, just go read the Bible yourself or The New Testament or maybe the Book of Job. It is often said that life is about being happy, as long as you are happy then all is well but the real purpose of life is the knowledge of God.


There are many great men and women in the Bible who had wealth so it is fine to have decent revenue strings, if that is, you can ward off the seduction of ills such as greed. It has been known for people to win millions on a Lottery and still want more, often because they squander everything. Never forget that the reason we should always have our focus on God and not money, is that money does not buy everything; God owns everything.


If, as or when any "Extra daily bread" opportunities come to the fore, I will place them on this website for perusal but any income-generators will probably warrant some kind of investment and or your time. Nothing is given freely on a plate, unless a scam is afoot, hard work is always involved, idle hands achieve nothing. Sitting on your sofa all day waiting to win the lottery because you have prayed for a win is not faith. Faith is using your intellect, abilities, experience and resilience - in harmony with good prayer and sound effort - to improve particular circumstances. Also wealth is often not money related. I have met some very rich but sad people who have not been fulfilled with the joy of having children, yet I have met very poor people who are joyous that they have a loving family unit. Everything is relative.


Sometimes in life though, we can be at a juncture where simply more money is needed in order to just keep afloat and it is easy, especially these days, to get sucked into money-making opportunities that are money-losing opportunities. Always get advice and always stay focused; on God.