It is best to keep focus on Jesus, individuals are hardly important within the scheme of the cosmos.


If you want to humour me though, then okay. I live in the UK, I have spent many years of study on the book of Genesis, where I believe I now have some expertise and, having been born near Stamford Bridge I support Chelsea Football Club (either a blessing or a sin depending on your viewpoint)


The idea of this website is as a link to the concepts involved relating to the dynamics of Creation and to draw on the topics of how Genesis can reveal the working of the Creation model for our Universe. Central to all this of course is Jesus Christ and it is through Him we can find the answers to the cosmos. After all He has told us.


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I'm not really obsessed with Genesis but I do find it riveting. My papers Creation Dynamics are currently available via Amazon either in a paperback book version or Kindle. From time to time they might be out of circulation though during times that they are updated.


In my view it is difficult to get a handle on Genesis without an understanding of Jesus, so a read of the New Testament is pretty essential.


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