Part VIII: The Flood

After decades of painstaking work by Noah and his family to build a floating sanctury and, after trying to seek out other people to join them, those on Earth who could still be deemed good humans but failing in the task, our planet was left with just a handful of souls. These people, so very few in number, along with scores of animals from different categories came to be the only living things selected for survival.

Although various interpretations of the Flood have been developed over the years, none really address what the atmosphere was like, the smell, the dankness, the mood or temperature. Also we tend to hear that it is all about Noah, this is wrong, to a degree.

The perfect ambience of the Earth’s environment was hit hard when the Garden of Eden was closed, which cut off the flow of the natural order for atmospheric conditions. From this the air would have become more and more humid as the years rolled away, perhaps hardly noticeable at first but by the time Noah was born the difference was tangible. We must recall that no rain had fallen on the Earth ever, from Adam days up to this time of Noah. The Firmament was still around the planet, like a ring of Saturn. All water and moisture bubbled up from underground springs. It would have probably been on a hot evening night when God revealed to Noah that He wanted him to build a boat, a really big boat.

Whilst undertaking this awesome task, behind the scenes evil began to multiply at a greater rate as an army of horrific fallen angels coerced, copulated, antagonised, manipulated and mesmerised human-beings. Stronger, more agile and with better intellect, these angels were able to systematically eradicate the original natures of humanity, characteristics that were originally intended and Willed by God. And so, after many years of infection, all vestiges of humankind were generally exterminated through subtle yet brutal interbreeding. The results were horrendous in the Eyes of God. Some pockets remained as Noah and his family ploughed on with a single-minded determination to build the large boat. The stifling heat and suffocating humidity of the days were endured steadfastly over many years as an Ark took shape. By the time completion was at hand, all pockets of humanity had been either violated or intimidated into living cruel and moronic lives, thus leaving just the Noah Clan for the fallen angels to deal with. However, within the Noah Clan was the Seed of Eve and God’s True Angels stood between the evil ones and Noah's remnant of humanity. With flashing dual edged Holy Swords, the True Angels saw to it that no evil angel would pass, not even their leader, Satan. And so it was that the evil mass watching the Ark be built could only throw insults.

As the awful verbal abuses were thrown as weapons, hurled by non-humans, sub-humans or evil humans, Noah and his team prevailed, the Ark was build and the animals came to join them. It is not here that we go into the details of the animals or indeed the Flood itself. We can do that somewhere else or independent reading can be selected. Our theme is to read the Bible through the travels of the Seed of Eve. In that respect, Noah gives way to Shem, as this son carries forward the important line. Once again it is interesting how Hollywood sometimes stumbles across a truth without probably realising it. In the film Noah, Tubal-Cain has stowed away aboard the Ark (there is no evidence for this in the Bible) and in one scene he tangles with Shem. Bearing in mind that Satan’s goal is to stop the Seed of Eve in its tracks, Tubal-Cain (when he feels he has the upper hand) punches Shem, knocking him to the ground and menacingly proclaims he will “Build a new world in my image”. He fails and is actually killed off by Shem’s brother Ham, yet Hollywood was right in that if Noah and his brothers had been slain, leaving Tubal-Cain with just the women, then indeed everything today would be very different. However, the True Angels of God protected Shem and the family around him.



Part IX: Tribes and Clans

The mixed bag of humanity and fallen angels were all destroyed. The eight survivors of the Flood were Noah, Shem, Ham and Japhet along with their wives. The Earth had no children.

From this core, three tribes were born.

From Japhet came the Japhethites. The known children of Japhet are his sons, Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras. We know Gomer had sons called Ashkenaz, Riphath Togarmah but then the information ends. We know a little more from the line of Javan, who had sons called Elishah, Tarshish, Kittim and Dodanim. Tarshish went on to found two new clans called The Kittim and the Rodanium that spread out as Maritime Peoples. These peoples were the root of all Gentiles, non-Jewish, and spawned societies much apart from the mainstream narrative of the Bible.

From Ham came the Hamites. The known children of Ham are his sons, Cush, Mizraim, Put and Canaan. From Canaan came the tribe of the Canaanites, establishing the land known as Canaan. Clans were formed by way of the names of the Ludites, the Anamites, the Lehabites, the Pathrusites and the Jebusites as well as several minor unnamed ones. By far the most famous of clans to arise were the Hittites and the Amorites. The most famous son to be born, from Cush, was one called Nimrod who became the greatest hunter of his time. It was during this era too that the Philistines were formed, probably the greatest known tribe of all. Finally, the beginnings of two of the most famous kingdoms came about, those of Nineveh and Babel.

From Shem came the Semites. The known children of Shem are his sons, Elam, Asshur, Lud, Aram, and Arphaxas.

The Three Core Family Tribes and all the Clans thereof, stretched out and created the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, they eventually would reach the land we know today as Gaza.

Sin remained throughout humankind. It never went away.

And what of the Hidden Holy Seed. Although four sons of Aram are mentioned; Uz, Hul, Gether and Meshech, Shem did not pass The Seed onto Aram. No, quietly and unnoticed the Seed of Eve was passed by Shem to Arphaxas. The boy Arphaxas was born just two years after the Flood. Arphaxas passed the Seed to a son called Shelah. On through six generations, from Shelah to Eber to Peleg to Reu to Serug to Nahor the Seed of Eve did pass. Nahor, the grandfather of a crucial man from the Old Testament. His son Terah had many children, including Haran, the father of a son who perhaps married the most famous unnamed woman of all time. A son called Lot. However, we digress, it was Haran’s brother who received the Seed from Terah. A person who would grow to become the most famous patriarch to ever live. Abraham.



Part X: Black or White People

If you have read up to Genesis 12, the account of the Tower of Babel would have been studied. This huge Tower was built with the intention that it would somehow allow everyone to be in touching distance of God. Everyone was using the same language. But God became angry at the Tower and decided to alter the language understanding of humanity. Consequently, various groups of people were suddenly unable to understand other groups. Everyone seemed to surprisingly be; babbling.

But it wasn’t just the language that was fragmented, skin colour was possibly changed or diversified at this time too. Contrary to much that is written, I would think that all peoples of this era were black, or at least very dark-skinned. Adam & Eve were probably black people too as the Garden of Eden was situated somewhere in what is modern day Africa. The Sun was also beating down on Earth much stronger than today, some suspect the speed of light was faster as well, thus enabling the long-life spans recorded in Genesis. This all adds up to humans needing tough skin, white skin would have been a real problem for the peoples living back then. Helps put racism in its place doesn’t it. We are all from Black Afrikaans! Some believe the early biblical manuscripts were written by tribes of black African people, but the first books were written by Moses, so the real question is whether Moses was black or not. I wouldn’t have thought he was, although for sure he would have been deeply brown. Anyway, skin-colour has little relevance in our quest here. We should note though that nearly all pictures presented to us of Moses, or Adam and Eve, Abraham and all, are of white people. Even the pictures on this website. These images though all leave a lot to be desired and have in truth come about due to white dominated societies and white people’s fabrications from the early churches. I am white by the way, so I have no issues to prove in advocating the sentiments of black people over white folk. Remember, there is no white race and no black race, just the human-race with skin-colours to match the original living environments. I do laugh when I hear atheists say white people just worship a white ‘god’, mainly because Jesus was white. Millions of black people worship Jesus too, so colour doesn’t matter at all. And anyway, Jesus was probably blacker than he was white. Why am I talking about all this, well its because of the Chinese!

At the time of Babel, most societies were very close to each other, but the building of the Tower changed all that. With the sudden incoming rush of strange incoherent languages, human diversity took off literally, with various groups moving away or setting up brand new bordered countries to define different new emerging cultures. One huge group, from the line of Ham and his son Mizraim, brought about the most famous and dominant of all Nations. Mizraim translated in Hebrew means Egypt. The ancient Egyptians were born!

If you think the Egyptians are famous, then what of another huge train of humanity, one that went east from Babel. Long did this horde meander through the mountains and valleys of Earth until they finally settled en-masse and formed the country of China. The Chinese have a further variation of skin pigmentation, which along with a new whiter shade for some other northern and western Middle-Eastern groups, humans started the tailoring of a new different upcoming world that was to become extremely varied, one with different languages, countries, cultures and skin colours. Another point about the Chinese is that as they headed east and left the biblical area, it was before the advent of the written language as cultivated by the Egyptians and others. Moses was able to write Scripture only because he was university educated by the Egyptians. Meanwhile out east, the Chinese formed their unique picture language. A picture language then that was based and formed way out in Asia, yet discoveries found of the earliest inscriptions clearly reveal the story they had of the unfolding of all the Creation Events we have in our bibles. A beautiful connection for humanity, which helps show our roots from Babel.

We must note that all the new developing nations that arose from Babel, from Egypt to China all ended up developing their own gods to worship, gods created from human imaginations. Only the Jewish Nation held to our Creator, yet at this time the Jewish State never existed. There was not one Jew existing. Even Abraham was not a Jew. The central part of Genesis is quite a fascinating read as you work out the development of human society and the emergence of the Jew-Gentile background.

Abraham was vital in biblical history because he carried the Seed of Eve.