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Where did the Universe come from, where did we come from?

If there is a God do we have to serve only Him at the expense of all else?

Can we love our families just as much as God?

Can we pass our own judgement on situations or other people?

Are we allowed to seek out money-making opportunities?

Do we have to go to Church every week?

Are we bound to tithe?

Is it important to read the Bible twice a day?

Do we have to send up multiple prayers?

Is evolution true, partly true or completely false?

How should we view God, is He real, partly real or not real at all?

What faith is the correct one, if any?

Was the Universe made over billions of years or over six days?

Did a Big Bang happen 13 billion years ago?

If God doesn't exist, why on earth do millions believe in Him?

If God does exist, why does he allow suffering?

There are plenty of questions to ponder, maybe answers can be found here.




Within this website you will be able to obtain the papers on Creation Dynamics, jump over to our AlphaCreation Facebook or Twitter Pages or read up on interesting topics that will have Jesus central to existence. Our origins are from God or evolution. It is actually difficult to try and mix the two ideals together and often, in the final analysis, you have to choose one or the other.


The Bible encourages us to believe an all-powerful God Created everything and all within a rapid and neat succession of events. His Events. This is clearly at odds with the idea of the Universe exploding into existence by a Big Bang or indeed even fit with the view that our Earth somehow got accidentally formed some 4.6 billion years ago by solar debris. Yet here we are, living on our planet because of the Big Bang or because of God. Was all life created ready-made or did life emerge and advance through the processes of evolution?


Please join us in a fascinating and exciting journey through time and space. AlphaCreation is for anyone who is interested in our origins even though it is written from a Christian perspective. It is also good for those of any or no religious outlook.


It is incredible by the way, how some modern scientific theories grip the imagination and take on the aura of being factual truths. We have some amazing hypothetical pictures being drawn up about the Universe these days. Many for sure, are being accepted practically overnight as true. The reasons for this is because we cannot get to grips with the complicated data being fed through to us, at least most of the time, so we just shrug and accept what we are told by science. For instance; as the Universe is mostly empty space, theortical proposals will conceive of material such as "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" to make sense of how our Universe got formed and how it is maintained and to fill the void of the enormous vacuum of space. We imagine that there are mutiple universes all cascading like bubbles in some kind of eternal plane. Sometimes there appears to be no restraint upon theoretical assersions at all.


We are enquiring beings and we do wish to have answers. Yet if we took the time to input God into all our equations then we may well get some true real answers.


As we have been told, "Ask and it shall be given to you". We don't ask!